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Chin Sculpting

Double chin

Our chin sculpting treatment uses a revolutionary injectable prescription medicine that contains deoxycholic acid as the active ingredient.

This non-invasive double chin treatment reduces fat under the chin, and contours the neck and jaw line via a series of injections to break down the actual fat cells themselves.

While diet and exercise can do little to reduce fat in this stubborn area, fat dissolving medicine is able to offer a non-surgical solution that works to destroy fat cell permanently.

Chin Sculpting
PRP/ Chin Sculpting

How does it work?

The injections work in a similar way to that in which bile breaks down fatty foods in our stomach. The fat cells are slowly broken down, and then eliminated by the body.

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes, and the patient will normally see results after one or two sessions.


If you want to learn more about this sensational double chin sculpting technique, book a free consultation to discuss your suitability.

Our nurse and supervising doctor are always available to discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure.